5 key characteristics an IT operations management software


Deliver highly available, impactful business services with proactive IT operations management (ITOM) powered by an enterprise-wide view of your infrastructure

Optimize IT operations for better business

Your business relies on you and your IT team like never before. Industries have undergone a massive digital transformation – and the evolution continues at a rapid pace. Everyone expects 24x7x365 access to critical digital services. When they go down, the financial, reputational and regulatory consequences can be substantial. Downtime is not an option.

IT Overview of IT Operations Management

Alt – IT Overview of IT Operations Management 

IT operations management (ITOM) solutions, such as ServiceNow, Micro Focus and Microsoft SCOM, help your organization to proactively manage the quality, efficiency and experience of your service delivery. You can proactively avoid downtime with better visibility, monitoring and alerting. And, when downtime does happen – you can dramatically reduce the meantime to find and resolve the problems.

EoraTech offers innovative solutions to integrate these environments into your ITOM platforms so you can deliver high-performing business services with maximum efficiency.

Optimize ITOM with a complete and accurate CMDB

Your IT infrastructure has exploded in breadth and complexity as a result of digital transformation. Servers, routers, processors, applications, networks and many more components – and all of their subcomponents – work together to deliver services to your business. When one goes down, your whole business can suffer.

The first step in ensuring that all your IT components remain fully operational is to create a complete, accurate, real-time view across your entire IT landscape. ITOM platforms like ServiceNow and Micro Focus are built upon a centralized database – a configuration management database (CMDB) – that does just that. They even offer automated discovery applications that make it much more efficient to identify all these components – known as configuration items (CIs), load them into the CMDB, capture the relationships between them, and reflect changes as they happen.

However, these ITOM platforms don’t automatically discover your systems, creating a crack in the foundation of your ITOM initiatives. Manual and home-grown workarounds are extremely complex, time-consuming and unsustainable.

Identify & prevent service outages with event management

Leading ITOM platforms include event management solutions powered by AIOps, machine learning and predictive intelligence, to dramatically improve the availability of your business services. By cutting through event noise generated from point-solution monitoring tools, your IT team can find the root cause of operations problems – and resolve them – quickly.

Our solutions enable you to get out of the IT war room and proactively manage events no matter where they occur across your enterprise. With a complete enterprise-wide solution, you can avoid outages and reduce MTTR.

The full picture with ITOM

IT Operations Management solutions are essential in today’s complex IT environments. IT teams are under increased pressure to meet customer and employee demands for “always-on” business services.

You need to deliver high-performance business services while increasing productivity and efficiency, and reducing costs associated with disconnected point solutions. Including your entire IT landscape in your ITOM platform helps you succeed by delivering integrated enterprise-wide visibility.

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