Build a Value Driven Enterprise

As businesses scale it is essential to bring order to the way leadership and key personnel spend and work. Investments grow, the workforce multiplies, infrastructure requirements increase. With this, comes the need to manage available resources effectively.EoraTech’s IT Business Management (ITBM) solution helps businesses optimize spend and utilize resources in the best possible way. Drive increased visibility into handling facilities, employee demands, technology needs and overall processes with the power of IT Business Management Solutions.

Get the Most Out of Every Investment

Resource Management

Our IT business management software helps build custom workflows and gain visibility into resource work allocation while enabling better planning and delegation of work.

Demand Management

ServiceNow ITBM implementation helps in tracking, managing and demand forecasting for products and services to make informed decisions on investment.

Innovation Management

ServiceNow ITBM helps to streamline innovation across your enterprise by tracking and action on user and employee feedback to help new, impactful ideas emerge.

Performance Analytics

Unleash the value of data and business metrics. Set benchmarks that drive better organizational performance.

ITBM Areas of Impact

Portfolio and Financials

Demand Management

Product & Solution Delivery

Services Management

Talent and Partnerships

Business Outcomes

Scale with Intellect. Gain with Visibility.