How ServiceNow Uses ITBM to Accelerate IT Project Delivery by 20%

Digital transformation has become a change driver. initiatives. Empowered customers and threats from competitors are accelerating this trend. 

However, IT project management is a slow process when done manually with unstructured workflows such as email, Microsoft Excel, and other outdated project management tools. 

ITBM the the curse of legacy software 

Enterprises suffer from a proliferation of one-off solutions that are department-specific, redundant, and overlapping while being very costly. Moreover, legacy technologies are another inhibitor of digital transformation and IT Project delivery. 

Your IT Business Management model doesn’t work anymore

Workflow inefficiencies and business continuity risks caused by inconsistent, error-prone manual processes and legacy systems are another hurdle that slows down IT Project delivery times. 

In addition, the lack of visibility across business-critical workflows caused by disparate systems leads to higher operational costs, user inefficiencies and creates significant business continuity risks. It could throw the entire business into disarray. 

What companies need is a modern, flexible platform that grows with their businesses while supporting successful transformation initiatives. 

ServiceNow IT Business Management with EoraTech 

The cloud-based ServiceNow Now Platform helps customers automate, predict, digitize, and optimize business processes to fuel digital transformation. EoraTech IT Business Management Consulting for ServiceNow can help make work better across the enterprise. Getting simple stuff done at work can be easy, and getting complex tasks completed can be faster. 

With a full suite tools that support ITBM called Project Portfolio Management, the ServiceNow platform delivers:

Increased velocity in project delivery

By automating manual processes and consolidating management and reporting, ITBM lets you fast-track high-priority projects. It provides complete visibility of business demands helping allocate IT resources. Updates, notifications and status reports help save time and improve project velocity. With ITBM, companies can also take advantage of improved collaboration, agility and speed.

In-depth visibility and insight

ITBM provides a single source of data for IT Project Portfolio using self-service dashboards and reports. Critical information is just a few clicks away and available 24/7. Decision makers can perform real-time adjustments to ensure project delivery.

Employee experience improvement

ServiceNow IT Business Management is a strategic asset for businesses that want to improve the visibility into their demand, resources and project portfolio so they can effectively prioritize, manage and deliver projects that transform IT from a cost-center to a value-center.

Let EoraTech be your partner in this transformational journey

EoraTech is a ServiceNow implementation partner with deep experience in change management and digital transformation initiatives. Get started on your journey to faster IT Project delivery with EoraTech enabled ServiceNow ITBM.

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