How Cloud Computing using Micro Focus is reinventing Supply Chain Management

Why Micro Focus based Cloud SCM

Traditional tools are failing to keep up with organizational demands for dynamic adjustment and agility.

Amidst this evolution, supply chain organizations are being challenged to further improve visibility, obtain real-time process outputs to optimize their strategy, anticipate disruptions and respond appropriately when they occur. In effect, organizations are feeling the pressure to transform into agile entities that can more readily accommodate change.

Today’s global supply chains are evolving from linear models into complex networks that rely on the dynamic and seamless transfer of information and materials. Anticipating disruptions early on in the supply chain is key to improving efficiency.

Efficient supply chains are a vital necessity for many companies. Supply chain management acts on operational processes, divergent and consolidated information flows and interaction processes with a variety of business partners.

Traditionally, creators have been selling products and services through linear value chains. Companies were owning a dedicated part of the value chain, battling with their competitors.

These methods are not scalable, given the level of resource constraints and manual work required. Data is prone to errors because of the human element: critical data may be overlooked or, even worse, misstated.

Cloud computing in Supply Chain

Cloud masks all the heterogeneities involved in implementing various SCM functions rather than having to deal with the inherent technologies along with the advantages of on-demand service, elastic scalability and group collaboration.

How Cloud computing transforms SCM

New competitors

Cloud computing has the potential to enable start-up companies to establish themselves in a short period of time, without needing significant investment in infrastructure. This could have a remarkably disruptive impact on the competitive landscape of many established market leaders.

Speed to market for new products and services

The pace at which new revenue-generating products and services are introduced has put constant pressure on supply chains in recent years. Cloud computing will help speed up that pace even more. 

Large-scale transformation

The threat from new competition and the increased pace of new product and service introduction will force companies with traditional, infrastructure-intensive supply chains to reinvent themselves. Supply chains will likely become more dynamic, more scalable and more capable of supporting the financial objectives of boards and shareholders.

Planning and forecasting

Micro Focus based Cloud tools are available for capturing itemized spend data, performing basic analytics, planning manufacturing runs and executing statistical demand forecasts. Applications focused solely on retail are also prevalent, with capabilities that include planning and allocation, assortment and space, pricing and promotion, forecasting and replenishment. A primary reason is that planning and forecasting are rarely core components of companies’ ERP systems.


Micro Focus based Cloud computing applications for functions such as network strategy, inventory management, warehousing and transportation will appear with increasing regularity in the near future. Processes such as global trade compliance, replenishment planning, order processing, and transportation load building, fleet management and transportation route planning are likely candidates. Some basic warehouse and transportation management applications are already available online.

Sourcing and Procurement

Micro Focus based Cloud computing represents a great opportunity to reduce ‘total cost of ownership’: the most commonly cited success metric in sourcing and procurement. A key reason is that cloud-based tools are inherently collaborative and accessible – a significant boon to companies that may deal routinely with thousands of suppliers. 


Cloud computing gives businesses the ability to flexibly outsource software for supply chain collaboration and infrastructure needs in a better way.

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