ITSM Platforms Gain Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that ITSM platforms enable faster issue management and resolution for enterprises. However, there are still many manual, redundant processes that are slowing down the entire value chain. 

Consider the proliferation of manual processes in many industries. They are a tax on time and hold back technicians from fixing the problem. The manual processes, whatever the cause – legacy software or slow hardware decrease speed of service, increase costs and reduce customer and employee satisfaction.

In other instances, service technicians may not be able to complete tasks on time because the number of issues is just too large to be handled by a human supervisor. 

How can companies speed up IT Service Management in these circumstances?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled ITSM is the answer.

Artificial intelligence or AI as it is known these days is revolutionizing services across multiple industries and domains.

Eliminating repetitive tasks with RPA

One of the most exciting developments in the past few years has been the deployment of (Robotic Process Automation) RPA. It enables manual processes to be automated.

Imagine having to copy paste customer part labels from a spreadsheet into another catalogue system with an unfriendly user interface. RPA BOTs make this process easy and eliminate the need for manual intervention during these tasks. This is a win-win for field teams that need to focus their intelligence on resolving issues and don’t have time to waste on redundant tasks that can and should be automated.

Chatbots and Intelligent Agents

Another significant area where artificial intelligence is gaining ubiquitous application is chatbots for customer care self-service. Chatbots allow users to converse with artificial agents to get their common service queries answered without the need for real customer service representatives.

These systems usually have deep integration with expert systems at the back-end. Thus, Artificial intelligence in ITSM is proving to be a boon as it reduces the time spent resolving issues as users are able to do self service.

ITSM and Machine Learning for Root Cause Analysis

Yet another application of artificial intelligence is analysing the root causes of issues.

In complex IT systems it is not humanly possible to ascertain the root cause of failure because it isn’t possible to monitor and analyze a huge number of systems, real-time. The problem is, there are usually multiple applications interacting at different levels of integration and there is an avalanche of data that needs to be analysed.

Machine Learning (ML) and Predictive Analytics, both subsets of AI, are increasingly being used to detect issues, failures and problems so that complex service request scenarios can be dealt with expediently.

Predict problems before they happen

AI enabled ITSM solutions enable not just quicker turnaround times when it comes to reducing the mean time to recovery, but also help garner deeper insights into what kind of problems occur during the day-to-day operations of a complex IT infrastructure.

Enhance your ITSM with chatbots

With the ability to reduce service tickets, chatbots allow you to reduce the time to resolution when it comes to the turnaround time. Backed by information from the knowledge base and enriched by NLP backed interactivity.

Automation using bots is the way forward for many repetitive tasks that can be resolved without the need for human intervention. The solution should enable chatbots for self-service across the customer support platform.

The future has just begun

AI has deep implications for IT Operations Management (ITOM) as well. The analytics generated by these systems will enable higher level analysis at an IT Business Management (ITBM) level. Using this knowledge, enterprises can begin refocusing on core areas such as profitability, reliability, agility, innovation and business growth rather than having to worry about IT services.

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