ITSM Software for Healthcare

A business-driven approach to setting IT Service Management is the need of the hour in these increasingly volatile times. Fat IT budgets are a constraint. In order to optimize the IT Services that the healthcare providers depend on, programs related to security and compliance need to get priority. The remaining IT Services need to undergo a process of consolidation and rationalization at the highest level.

Here are some strategies we think Healthcare providers need to deploy.

Get sprawling IT system complexity under control

Regulatory requirements for IT services in healthcare have increasing costs and risks associated with them. Because of sprawling complexity, systems and service management improvements are slow.

A multi-step approach that rationalizes the systems being used, integration of ITSM software into hospital management systems and deeper back-end integration are needed.

Healthcare providers need ITSM that enables services to be online at all times. This means the mean time to recover has to be almost instantaneous. The deployment of ITIL based ITSM will be a boon in such a scenario. Strict adherence to best practices such as ITIL can enable faster, more reliable service while saving costs.

Focus on critical services

The quality and reliability of the specific IT services that support critical or regulated activities needs to be a primary focus for healthcare providers. Improving efficiencies and reducing costs is critical. 

ITSM for areas such as electronic health record management, healthcare access management, healthcare asset management, and clinical application performance management needs to be accessible and fast.

A mature ITSM strategy for healthcare providers will enable not just the efficiency and speed benefits but prompt organizational change where people, infrastructure and process are slow and outdated.

Connected world – mobility

The new healthcare infrastructure is not just the physical infrastructure. Healthcare providers need an integrated platform of IT-enabled services for areas such as telemedicine and diagnostics. In order to manage this critical healthcare infrastructure of IT services, providers will need a ITSM that enables self service portals, always on service staff and priority based issue resolution. ITIL backed ITSM can enable SLA driven services for healthcare providers in such a way that their services are hardly ever out of service.

Integrated digital platforms for Healthcare providers

Healthcare providers are realizing that integrated platforms enable better control of costs and risks. There need to be consistent efforts to realign healthcare provider IT systems to modernize them for the future. Legacy systems that prevent change can make the organization vulnerable in the case of security and regulatory risks. A sound system built to migrate out dated systems must be undertaken.

Additionally, disparate systems are harder to maintain and manage. Therefore it is essential that Healthcare providers collaborate with a ITSM provider to consolidate IT systems that are critical for their day to day activities. Going a step further, they will need to rationalize the software system, organization wide so that service delivery is smoother and more consistent.


A comprehensive ITSM strategy will take these things into account while delivering a consistent IT Services experience, enabling doctors and front line health professionals to focus on what they do best – providing health care – rather than tweaking or troubleshooting software.

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