The Benefits of Cloud Managed Services and Solutions

Advancements in technology, along with constant innovation have put us in a place where there is so much that can be achieved by way of collaboration. The possibility of this has arisen due to the advent of services that make use of the internet as a place where people from different locations can access and effectively work together on projects of any nature. This is where cloud-managed services come in. 

Beyond a certain scale of operations, all businesses need to store their information and data with the help of computers. Today, there’s simply no way around it, as the process of digitalization has brought so many benefits and conveniences along with it. First, we have to take a second to zoom out and understand what a cloud is – 

By definition, a cloud platform is a place where IT resources, managed with the help of computers, are stored and accessed across the internet through cloud-managed service providers. Cloud services have made it possible to cohesively work on large projects by allowing resources to be shared across the internet. 

Now that we have cleared what a cloud platform is, we can take a look at what cloud managed services providers bring to the table, as well as the benefits that adopting a cloud platform brings to your organization. 

Managed cloud services refer to the process of completely or partially outsourcing daily management and handling of the IT requirements behind cloud platforms. This is typically done because in-house IT departments typically lack the know-how to run these platforms efficiently. Here are a number of advantages you receive when you decide to make use of a managed cloud platform: 

  • Effective cybersecurity – Cloud managed services ensure that all the data you store using these platforms have properly been safeguarded across the cloud and other synchronized applications. 
  • More economical – You can take the workload off your IT department by employing a cloud service provider. Their experience goes a long way in understanding each particular requirement that you may have, as well as knowing how to handle sudden, previously unseen problems arising. In addition to this, it may wind up working out cheaper for your organization to outsource this work to a provider, rather than staff an entire IT department only for this purpose. 
  • Pay as you go – Cloud-managed services are generally offered on a subscription basis. Once you have identified what you need from the platform you’re using, you can pay as per those requirements. 
  • Future proof – All your organizational data and information will be securely stored, as cloud migration is definitely where we’re heading in the future. 
  • Improved efficiency in business operations – When working with a cloud service provider, you make it possible to carry out daily tasks by making all applications accessible in a single center. This makes it possible to achieve cohesion of work when it comes to handling the efforts of remote employees. 

At EoraTech, we believe in customer focus and delivering quality cloud management solutions. In the past 20 years, we have continuously strived to enhance our portfolio in support of new and evolving technologies. These are a couple of details that we cover when you choose us as your cloud-managed service provider: 

  • Consultancy –  EoraTech cloud management services assist you with reviewing, enhancing, and growing your cloud investments. We provide valuable advice through our years of expertise handling cloud infrastructure at EoraTech. Rest assured that you will receive the right mix of cloud solutions for your business.
  • Cloud management – Our cloud infrastructure solutions allow you to deploy and automate a range of business assets varying from data centers to applications.
  • Efficient and ready cloud support – At EoraTech, our cloud management system includes a full suite of technical support that is open to your needs around the clock, 24×7, all year round. 

As part of our service, we offer cloud application management, operations, and monitoring, security and compliance, as well as cloud infrastructure management. 

EoraTech, we have a strong work ethic when it comes to handling projects in the technology space. Our team of certified IT experts is passionate about providing the best possible services to all our partners and customers, to set us apart as a cut above the rest. When we handle your cloud platform, you can rest easy knowing that you’re teaming up with an experienced and trustworthy, top-player in the tech market today.