ServiceNow uses ITOM to supercharge its business and IT. The features of ServiceNow ITOM are mostly aimed at automating time-consuming and monotonous tasks of your IT team, reducing IT costs, and improving IT and business service availability.

ServiceNow Event Management continuously monitors all activities within your IT infrastructure and warns the IT team of any identified failure so that they remove it before it seriously harms IT and business service delivery. 

Here is how ServiceNow uses ITOM to reduce P1 and P2 incidents:

1. Enhance Visibility with ITOM solutions

Understanding the relationships between underlying IT resources provides valuable insight into your end-to-end business services. With a centralized, single data store, ITOM helps companies garner a better understanding of their IT landscape.

2. Improve Availability ITOM services

ServiceNow’s ITOM machine learning-driven analytics reduce event noise by 99%+, improving availability and helping you gain insight into service health. By freeing up your mind from the clamor of event noise, you’ll have more headspace to focus on the bigger tasks at hand. Focus on what really matters: your business.

3. Increase Agility with IT operations management Solutions

ITOM’s automated IT processes are your company’s best back up. It increases your agility by proactively addressing problematic conditions before they evolve into issues. The faster you can react to incidents the better your processes will be and this becomes an iterative process where your business and in turn IT keep improving. A fast means of reacting to incidents is what helps reduce future incidents as well. This is the long-tail advantage of ITOM and platforms like ServiceNow.

4. Manage Hybrid Clouds using ServiceNow

With self-service access to cloud resources in public and private clouds, ITOM takes away the worry of non-compliance with business policies. You don’t have to worry about them making mistakes because ITOM never lets you down.

In Conclusion

ITOM is the means of reducing incidents across your organization. It empowers your business to focus on strategic activities while your IT staff saves time by making incidents less problematic and time consuming. Especially with platforms like ServiceNow, you will be able to reduce incidents and their severity so IT works seamlessly – all the time, everytime.

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