Salient Features of a Top CSM Platform

Effective Customer Service Management (CSM) solutions help enterprises build logical workflows that connect various customer touchpoints with the right department and right people to resolve concerns even before they occur.

Digital-first consumers are demanding. Businesses that fail to deliver on the promise of the standards set in the marketplace have no place to thrive. This is why the best CSM solutions or Customer Success Platform as they are being called, must have the following features:

1. Built-in Intelligent routing for the Customer Service Management System

The ability to automatically route cases based on the skills, location and availability of agents is essential in a CSM Platform. It needs to have features that enable escalation to agents based on severity and priority so the right customer service agents are working on the right problem.

2. Task Boards and Dashboards are tools for optimal Customer Service Management 

Optimal Customer Service Management tools must allow enterprises to monitor customer service levels and generate reports for effective analytics and performance improvement. Having all the data displayed using KPIs on dashboards that help in allocating work and quicker decision making are must-have features.

3. Performance Analytics using Customer Success Platform

A Customer Success Platform should have the ability to garner insights, predict trends and make data-backed decisions so it can help improve customer service performance. Analytics are at the core of performance improvement in any process and it is all the more important for CSM. Predictive capabilities need to be a part of the solution so service requests and tickets can be anticipated and resolved.

4. Knowledge Management as part of the Customer Service Management System

The CSM Platform needs to be able to gather and share information from consumers while easing collaboration between service agents and related teams. When teams are able to work together, problems get resolved faster. An effective CSM has knowledge management and collaboration features built into the core. 

5. CSM Platforms should empower you with Workflow Automation

Features that enable the ability to build No-code/Low-code rule-based workflows for improved request and issue resolution are the key to enable further automation benefits. Customer service agents need to be empowered with the ability to automate tasks that are error prone and tedious.

6. Agent Intelligence for the Customer Success Platform 

The CSM Platform must be able to leverage Machine Learning to categorize, route and prioritize cases automatically. This removes the need for tedious, error prone activities that delay customer service response times.

7. Self-service is a must-have feature in CSM Platform 

Features that help build custom portals to empower clients to easily help themselves with answers and solutions are a powerful means of reducing the number of help tickets. The best CSM solutions enable users to help themselves.

8. Customer Success Platform offers a survey feature

An effective CSM platform takes advantage of user feedback and analysis features. The solution should  make it easy to craft questionnaires that help assess client feedback and analyse reviews from the clients to improve customer satisfaction.

9. A modern Customer Service Management System should be equipped with virtual agents

Automation using bots is the way forward for many repetitive tasks that can be resolved without the need for human intervention. The solution should enable chatbots for self-service across the customer support platform.

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